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Young Germany

Our classes were featured in Young Germany - read what they have to say about our Indian Cooking classes.

Bridget Smith

I enjoyed every minute of the course. I don't exaggerate when I say that from the time we stepped into your apartment, the colours, smells and background music drew us into another world and provided a glimpse into India. The dishes that you chose were easy (even for me!) to prepare and they tasted wonderful.

Graham Cater

My wife, Anne, and I were really missing a curry after moving from the UK in June, so jumped at the chance to learn authentic Indian cooking, and were not disappointed!! We all had more than enough delicious Indian food to eat, great conversations about Indian life, culture and of course food. I would recommend this offer to anyone and everyone who loves curry, and also to those wanting to try. Thank you, we'll be back!!!


thank you very much for the cooking experience and your hospitality. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed. I particularly liked that we learned the basics, especially the importance of spices in their integral form. For now, I'll "experiment" a bit by myself with what I learned, but I might take part in another cooking course in the future.

Anke Lotz

Thank you for the great experiance and the nice atmosphere in your home ! Very nice experiance , nice to meet you and also nice to meet the others. The chicken curry was great and of course the papadams ;-) .. if possible i would join again

Cydeny Kaster

I heard about "Curry Cooking" from the Newcomers Network or Yahoo Groups (not sure which one). My husband and I attended a Sunday afternoon session, and we just loved it!! Deepti's husband picked up two other couples from the S-Bahn which made it easy for them to get there. We were welcomed into a lovely environment, complete with Lassi and Indian snacks to start things off. Indian spices were shown and explained, and all this information was contained (along with recipes) in a booklet we could take home. We all had a wonderful time watching the food being made, and all questions were answered by our knowledgeable hosts. The tasting session, as a full meal, at the end was really enjoyed. I would highly recommend this to anyone!!

Alexandria Kimsey

It was really great. It was a nice combination of professionalism in a laid back atmosphere. I liked the most - Eating! I also really liked the recipe book that we could take home with us. If you change the menu, I would join again.

Lukas Jedynak

It was brilliant. We learnt a lot and now We want definitely try to cook something at home.We like the idea of showing us all the spices so now we could experiment by ourselves. For us everything was super and we really enjoy it. For sure we will recommend your cooking classes to my colleges. We like atmosphere a lot. We liked that the group was small so all questions were answered. Food was fabulous. We now know more about spices thanks to your introduction to spices.